Koby Clemens, the Boston Globe and Bus Leagues Baseball…oh, and us too!

So a funny thing happened today…well, it’s not funny, probably more exciting than anything…at least for me. My normal employer, the Boston Globe, decided to run a feature that I wrote on Fisher Cats 1B/DH Koby Clemens, which is humbling in-and-of-itself. But then they thought they’d slap it on the front page of their award-winning sports section, which is flattering beyond words. You can click HERE for the article, but I’m not 100% sure that it will work since its part of the paid content on BostonGlobe.com. However, when Bus Leagues posted a link to it on Facebook today, I was capable of reaching the full article a few times to read it. If that doesn’t work, then you may be able to sign up for a free trial and if that doesn’t work then go out and spend the buck on an actual newspaper…for me…please and thanks! Regardless, there is another option here to quell your Koby Clemens cravings. When I conducted the interview I did so side-by-side with Brian Moynahan of Bus Leagues Baseball and MiLB.com. First off, Koby was an amazing interview and a reporters dream, because he was not shy and was very willing to share many family stories, as well as answer any questions we had for him. Brian was kind enough to transcribe the whole damn thing, and he put it up as a two-part piece over at Bus Leagues, so check it and them out…also, it works as a great compliment to the Globe piece because there is just so much more to Koby Clemens than a 1,200 word article can convey. Bus Leagues Baseball – Koby Clemens Part 1 Bus Leagues Baseball – Koby Clemens Part 2 Last thing I’ll leave you with is Brian’s phenomenal Q&A with Blue Jays pitching prospect Deck McGuire…why? Because Deck is a good dude, Brian is a good dude and you should make Bus Leagues part of your daily routine. Tons of thanks to them for their support over the years. I am back in New Hampshire tonight to check out Sox top-pitching prospect Anthony Ranaudo, so I should have a game recap and hopefully some interviews to follow. NOTE: I arrived in New Hampshire looking to follow up with Koby only to find that he had been sent down to Class-A Dunedin. Was it something I said? Well, hopefully he’ll be back up in Manchester before its all said and done. We wish him the best. Story: http://beyondfenway.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/koby-clemens-the-boston-globe-and-bus-leagues-baseball-oh-and-us-too/